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Delta Heritage Walking Tour

This Heritage Tour of Delta to illustrate a variety of architectural influences reflected in the buildings of Delta. Amble casually with us on this tour. Imagine the ring of the mason's hammer, the whripp of the carpenter's saw, the humming of mills, the singing of choirs, the laughter and tears of family and village life as it was a
century or two ago. 
CLICK HERE to get detailed information on each building.
Delta Ontaro Walking Tour, Rideau Lakes

11 - Philo Hicock House
10 - Richard Johnston House
9 - The Old Stone Mill
8 - Walter Denaut House
7 - Delta Business Block
6 - William Bell Store and Residence
5 - William Bell House
4 - Joel Copland House
3 - Omer Brown House
2 - Alexander Stevens House
1 - Anglican Church

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